Invisalign – White Plains, NY

Straighten Your Teeth Without the Metal

Whether you’ve always wanted to straighten your teeth before but didn’t want metal braces or you need to address relapses from a previous treatment, Invisalign offers a clear alternative that doesn’t force you to dramatically change your habits or appearance. Using digital impression technology, our office can design a series of clear, customized trays that fix misalignment issues, gaps in between teeth, and uneven bites. Get in touch with our team at Westchester Dental Group today to learn if Invisalign can meet your needs.


Why Choose Westchester Dental Group
for Invisalign?

  • High Personalization Using Digital Impression Technology
  • 30+ Year History of Serving White Plains
  • Patient-Centric Dentists and Team


How Invisalign Works

Invisalign consists of a series of clear, medical-grade, plastic aligners that gently shift the teeth into straighter positions. Each pair of aligners represents a different stage of your realignment. In order for teeth to shift, you’ll need to wear your aligners for about 22 hours a day over about two weeks per pair. You’ll also visit our office every six weeks or so for a routine evaluation of your progress. Once you’ve worn every pair in your series, you’ll be given a retainer to ensure your teeth do not relapse (or shift back to their original positions).

Benefits of Invisalign

When compared to traditional orthodontics like braces, Invisalign holds many benefits, especially for working professionals. For example, Invisalign aligners are fully removable, meaning you can enjoy the foods you want and practice the same brushing and flossing you’re used to. They are fully transparent, so people won’t ever notice your treatment. And, there’s no need to worry about uncomfortable metal brackets and wires or the emergencies that can come with them if these components become damaged.